Well as the title stated, we welcome any donation that you like to give. The donation will be given to Usrah Institution, Multimedia University Cyberjaya, Malaysia. The money given will be used in Usrah Institution activities including funding for this project, The Raise Project. In case you didn’t know Usrah Institution,Usrah Institution (also known as IU) is an Islamic society in Multimedia University situated in Cyberjaya. It focuses on building ukhwah among Muslim students by organizing programs from an Islamic perspective. It also emphasizes on the Islamic morals and knowledge by including spiritual needs such as Kuliyyah, Letcures, and Usrah itself.

As for now, for Malaysian citizen, we welcome any donation. via money transfer/bank in. Here is the details.

CIMB : 12550002545524 [ Account holder = Sakeenah Bt Alias ( Usrah Institution , MMU Cyberjaya Treasurer ) ]

Maybank2u : 162179574001 [ Account Holder = Ikhwan Nazri Bin Mohd Asran ( Director, The Raise Project ) ]

paypal_donate_button.jpgAs for the paypal, you may submit the donation to = Thanks to FahmiShah for letting us using his Paypal. but please state that is for The Raise Project.

After finishing the transaction , please enter this form below and submit to our email as to keep track of your donation. This is highly important.


Thanks to Dagon Design

Lastly we would like to thank you for your support to our project. Only Allah can repay your help and kindness to this project.