Singapore Tour Report

( last time i was unable to put it because of the size of the blog that is made to be PSP-Friendly. Now that i can put bigger picture here, so i rewrite again about the trip )


On 6-9 September 2007, we were invited by Jamiyah Singapore to present on “One World Many Cultures” exhibition under Science and Technology category. Indeed this is our first time to exhibit to the public but Alhamdulillah, thank God everything went fine.

What we do on the exhibition is promoting Islamic Content for PSP. We’ve also showcased our Interactive CD, which consist of 5 previous edition of this magazine and also Al-Quran for PSP viewable on the PC. This way, for those who didn’t have a PSP, can experience on how to use Al-Quran for PSP. Aside from our Interactive CD that will be published soon, we also selling our T-Shirt, giving the flyers, and also for the visitors that bring their PSP, we install Al-Quran for PSP and the magazine on the spot. Convenient.

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MuslimSpace Ramadan Charity Marathon

Assalamualaikum and peace and blessings to all visitors/readers of this website.

The exhibition at ‘One World Many Cultures’ exhibition organized by Jamiyah Singapore at Singapore Expo Hall 5 was a blast. I can’t wait to tell you. but before we get the pictures by the organizers, here we like to tell something.

Ramadhan Charity Marathon by

Muslimspace presents a special campaign for the holy month of Ramadan. A donation of 5ยข will be made for every new member signup during Ramadan. At the end of the campaign, the funds collected will be given to a charity chosen by MuslimSpace members through a poll.

More details here.

I still didn’t test it to register via my PSP. but this is pretty interesting. so dear psp-users, come join muslimspace. and if you’re a blogger too.. don’t forget to support their charity by putting their promotional item like banner, thumbnail images and so on.

so wait for our updates for the singapore exhibition, The Raise #6, Fasting month and also, happy fasting dear readers. let us fill this ramadan month with barakah.

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