Eid Ul Adha for PSP

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and peace be upon all of you dear readers/visitors to this blog. It’s less than 24 hours but i’ve successfully converted the mobile magazine to PSP-Friendly format. Without further delay, here you go, PSP-Flash Interactive Magazine for Eid ul Adha.


Download Eid Ul Adha Mobile Magazine here ( For PlayStation Portable )

For Mobilephones, click here

So please, spread this news to all people who have the psp. If you don’t have flash-enabled handphone, your lovely psp still can be use to read this nifty application.

The articles written by Yussamir Yusof, Vice President 1 of Usrah Institution, MMU Cyberjaya, Malaysia. He also wrote many Islamic related articles at his blog. The graphics created by Allia Idha, the same artist from The Raise Project : Islamic Content for PlayStation Portable. Programmed by Faisal Arba’in and Ikhwan Nazri from Flavert Media Lab. Directed by Ikhwan Nazri with assistance from Nirpad Gurung.

And for more info about M-Travelogue, visit us here.

May the fruits of sacrifice, obedience and trust, which the Eid ul Adha teaches, prevail and continue after celebrating this blessed day.

( by the way, rememebr that this is also suitable for PC. )

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Patch for Al-Quran v1.3

assalamualaikum and peace be upon you. As the title stated, here’s the patch for Surah Al-Mu’minun and Surah An-Nur. the problem is the spacing inside the current psp-alquran file. deepest apologies.

Patch Al-Quran v1.3

Thanks to those who notice the bug.

December 5th, 2007 by momochi zabuza Posted in News, Release |

Al-Quran for PSP v1.3

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you. yes you’ve heard it right, Al-Quran for PSP version 1.3 is released.


Download Al-Quran for PSP v1.3 ( al-Quran for PSP have been updated to version 1.4 )

This is because the following surah have some bug that it won’t load. Al-Hijr, An Nahl, Ta Ha, Al Anbiya, Al Hajj, Al Mu’minun, An Nur, Al Furqan, Ash Shuraa, An Naml, Al Qasas, Al Ankabut, Ar Rum, Luqman, As Sajda,Al Ahzab, Saba, Faatir, Yaasin, Sad, Az Zumar, Al Waqia.

As the bug fixed already, please delete your Al-Quran for PSP v1.2 as it’s not complete with the bugs. please download this whole new version. In addition, search surah bugs fixed.

I’m so sorry for the mistake that i didn’t notice this bug. thanks to heru kautsar and mohammad ali for the news. please download a new version. thanks.

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Al-Quran for PSP v1.2

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and peace be upon you dear readers/visitors. This month there are no updates for the magazine. Because we have something else for you :)

Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable v1.2 released. For this update, the memory problem has been extremely reduced. No more memory problems arouse. But i can’t give full guarantee so if anything turns out wrong or you encounter a bug, please report to us.


-Edit – The previous update of psp-alquran version 1.1 has been downloaded 2641 copies while inside pspupdates.qj.net download site, it’s 1,937 times. and the update-only zipfile has been downloaded 735 while inside pspupdates.qj.net download site, it’s 303 times.

lastly here is the link for Al-Quran for PSP v1.2

  1. Al-Quran for PSP v1.2 ( full version 66MB )
  2. Al-Quran for PSP v1.2 ( update only version, 855KB )

Inside the zip file is the readme instructions. anyhow if you face any difficulties in installing the application, please ask .
We’re looking for any volunteers that can do translation for other language. French, Deutsch, Turkce, Melayu and Indonesia. If you’re interested to become the volunteers that will do the copying of the translation, please mail us at raise[at]flavert.com

lastly, please spread this good news to everyone. Wishing all lovely readers a happy and healthy day. May our life everyday is full with blessings from Allah.

P/S : please take note since there will be other site will host this file also, please tell us if you want to put in your website. tis is to keep track of the download count. however, to ensure the authenticity, you’re advised to download the application from this website only. thanks :)

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Happy Eid Mubarak!

We, The Raise Project wishing all muslims Happy Eid Mubarak. (Eid ul Fitr ) and don’t forget to fast another 6 days in Syawal :) and also let’s continue the good deeds and practice that we’ve done in Ramadhan and take it further to the next month. let it be our stepping stone in changing ourselves from bad to good, from good to better.

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