Islam PSP v5.0

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and peace and blessing be upon you dear readers and visitors.

needless to say that it’s been a while for the updates since Al-Quran for PSP v 1.4 have been released altogether with French Translations. but recently there’s another islamic application meant for PSP user.

Introducing Islam PSP v5.0 from Burows. they are from IPC-KW. That application  helps Muslim PSP users to perform prayers and do the necessary ablutions, either wudu or tayammum, prior to handling the Quran or performing ritual prayers.

The developers currently working for english translation. so you just need to wait for a while.

click here to download the application.

it’s nice to see the raise of the skillful muslims :)

lastly, may peace and blessings altogether with happiness be upon you.

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Al-Quran for PSP v1.4 + French Translation

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and Peace be upon you readers/visitors.

I’m glad to announce that Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable version 1.4 released. in this update, there’s changes to

  1. major changes on the interface.
  2. no more analog stick control.
  3. no more key-in surah number.
  4. and other mini-gus
  5. the big thing is, a French translation.


t2.jpg t3.jpg


Thanks to Lionel Jamal-U-Dine from Islam De France for the French Translation. You can download Al-Quran for PSP in French Translation from his website. And here we would like to announce the third website that is authorized to host Al-Quran for PSP is Should you have any question ( in french language :P ) please ask him.


Click here to download

  1. Al-Quran for PSP V1.4 ( English )
  2. Al-Quran for PSP V1.4 ( French )

If you find this application useful for you, donate to our development team. paypal_donate_button.jpg

and if you find French Translation are helping you in discover more information and revelation inside Al-Quran, head on to Islamdefrance to contribute to their translator/volunteer.

Kindly please check the readme.txt on how to install and use Al-Quran for PSP. If you find any bug, problem, or need assistance, please make use of the comment section.

Lastly, spread this news to everybody. may Allah peace and blessings be upon you :)

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2nd Showcase of TRP

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you dear visitors. Here’s a great news that we want to share with you.

I receive a call last week form Mr Azmir & Mr Seow from MDeC. They want to showcase Al-Quran for PSP during their launching of MSC Malaysia Creative Innovation Centre and Incubation Centre last tuesday, 18 February 2008. This is a great acknowledgment upon our project. We’re also allowed to promote Eid Ul Adha Mobile Magazine, which is another product related to The Raise Project. So here below is the project showcase of our works.

Well this is a youtube version. HD/Widescreen version available upon request.

Thanks To Mr Azmir and Mr Seow for this opportunity given.

That’s all for now. Wising you guys a happy blissful peaceful day ahead :)

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Exchange your Ideas

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah and peace be upon you.

Just want to inform you that two of our applications, namely Al-Quran for PSP and Eid Ul Adha Mobile Magazine has been linked and hosted in Adobe Exchange, Flash Lite Education category. If you guys have any idea or any proposal to spread islamic Information in Mobile Devices, kindly contact us. Let’s exchange the ideas. To see our capabilities in creating multimedia stuff, click here for more information.

Thanks to Adobe Exchange,  the visitors are increasing and also the Al-Quran for PSP being downloaded.

lastly, it’s been one week from the first day of Hijrah. Muslims, let us aim to be a more better Muslims :)

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New look for a new year

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and peace and blessings upon you readers. It’s been a while without any updates. ~

Well this updates is to inform you that i notice there are less visitors using PSP to view this blog. So instead, i decice to make a facelift. furthermore, now i can put much more materials such as videos, big pictures and so on. As you can see on your right is the links to download Al-Quran for PSP, and also our magazine. Speaking of the magazine, me myself is on the hiatus.

So people, happy new year and wishing you have a prosperous new year of 2008. don’t forget to double/triple/ increase our prayers and Du’a to Allah S.W.T.Wishing all lovely readers a happy and healthy day. May our life everyday is full with blessings from Allah.

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