We need some support

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and peace be upon you.

As the title stated, we want to raise fund for the project. the fund will go to support the project like printing flyers/posters to promote the project by pasting at anywhere locations possible, for development & research purposes and so on. So come and buy our T-shirt.

As for Malaysian, we’re selling the T-Shirt for RM 25++. The tshirt price will start from RM25. I mean since this T-Shirt is for the development, you may want to bought that tshirt for higher price. like RM 35, Rm100 maybe :p. For delivery, RM 6 will be charged since using Poslaju Boxes.

As for Singaporean, we’re selling the T-Shirt for SGD 15++. This is the price during last time at Jamiyah Singapore: One World Many Culture Exhibition. As for postage, i still unsure but i’ll let you know.

As for other country,for now i can’t do the postage. Sorry. but you may want to donate to our project via paypal. This is the email for the paypal – webmaster@tebaboom.org – please state that is for The Raise Project.

And yes, the very meaningful support, is to let others know of the existence of this application. this project.

I thank you for all your generous support along the way. Here the PSP-wallpaper drawn by Allia.




As for PC viewer, here’s the wallpaper for you

1girl-pc2.jpg 1girl-pc.jpg

Lastly, I thank you for your support. It has been one year of this project. We’re not quitting yet. We’re preparing something.

Wishing you have a peace and blissful day ahead :)

12 Responses to “We need some support”

  1. signither Says:

    mana mau beli??

  2. admin Says:

    ko kat mesia kan? ker ko kat aussie?

  3. zaki blogjer Says:

    Just bought it from lowyat.net. nice t-shirt

  4. admin Says:

    thx zaki. really appreaciate it.

  5. catzer Says:

    nak join projek ko boleh..sbb aku nak support duit pun tgh takde ni..kekeke

  6. admin Says:

    leh je.. ko nak jadi ape? penulis ke?? hehe thx for the supportt

  7. iamme Says:

    where can i get the shirt?

  8. admin Says:

    iamme – out of stock already. thanks :)

  9. andy Says:

    bagus kok….

  10. andy Says:


  11. Md Nor Says:

    Boleh ke minta pihak admin hubungi saya di talian 0193666669 untuk perbincangan lanjut mengenai perkara yang akan dinyatakan. T kasih

  12. Peace aka Salam Says:

    As’salammualaikum Wr. Wb.

    Hry, thumbs up for those invented the software for psp, I DO LOVE It

    Alhamdulillah, Syukran

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