New look for a new year

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and peace and blessings upon you readers. It’s been a while without any updates. ~

Well this updates is to inform you that i notice there are less visitors using PSP to view this blog. So instead, i decice to make a facelift. furthermore, now i can put much more materials such as videos, big pictures and so on. As you can see on your right is the links to download Al-Quran for PSP, and also our magazine. Speaking of the magazine, me myself is on the hiatus.

So people, happy new year and wishing you have a prosperous new year of 2008. don’t forget to double/triple/ increase our prayers and Du’a to Allah S.W.T.Wishing all lovely readers a happy and healthy day. May our life everyday is full with blessings from Allah.

3 Responses to “New look for a new year”

  1. zaki blogjer Says:

    Guys, this project is great, I admire that. But if you could update this blog daily, that would be greater..

  2. admin Says:

    Verily thanks zaki. we’ll see what we can do..

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