Al-Quran for PSP v1.3

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you. yes you’ve heard it right, Al-Quran for PSP version 1.3 is released.


Download Al-Quran for PSP v1.3 ( al-Quran for PSP have been updated to version 1.4 )

This is because the following surah have some bug that it won’t load. Al-Hijr, An Nahl, Ta Ha, Al Anbiya, Al Hajj, Al Mu’minun, An Nur, Al Furqan, Ash Shuraa, An Naml, Al Qasas, Al Ankabut, Ar Rum, Luqman, As Sajda,Al Ahzab, Saba, Faatir, Yaasin, Sad, Az Zumar, Al Waqia.

As the bug fixed already, please delete your Al-Quran for PSP v1.2 as it’s not complete with the bugs. please download this whole new version. In addition, search surah bugs fixed.

I’m so sorry for the mistake that i didn’t notice this bug. thanks to heru kautsar and mohammad ali for the news. please download a new version. thanks.

405 Responses to “Al-Quran for PSP v1.3”

  1. mohammad Says:

    JAZAKALLAH KHAIR!!!! you all deserve some serious props. all the surahs run now:) yay !!! may allah swt reward you for your work.

  2. TP Says:

    Alhamdulillah syukurillah! I was about to highlight that bug, but I cannot thank you enough for the bugfix.

    Let me repeat myself and say Thank You for the good job. May Allah SWT bless you further with more contributions to the IT/PSP community.

  3. heru Says:

    ah 1.3… alhamdulillah indeed :D

    i’m currently downloading. hopefully, no bugs will be found. May Allah be with you :D


  4. admin Says:

    sorry for late reply.. just comeback from outstation.. glad it work.. but if there still anybugs do tell me ya.. thx

  5. heru Says:

    hmm i dont know wether it’s my psp or something…

    Al Mu’minun and An Nur still failed to load on my psp slim (3.71 m33-1). can anybody confirm this?

    oh yeah, i’m Indonesian :D

  6. heru Says:

    hmm i dont know wether it’s my psp or something…

    Al Mu’minun and An Nur still failed to load on my psp slim (3.71 m33-1). can anybody confirm this?

    the other sura is loaded properly in the first pages. but with those two, only the english transliteration that showed…just like my first case. please fix this bug (if it is) and your another step closer Allah. :D

    oh yeah, i’m Indonesian :D

  7. heru Says:

    just a suggestion, how about putting a sura number, next to the sura names? so we could also easily search that sura (again), as we remember it in the first palce?


  8. Rahul Says:

    how do you install this im useing CF:3.71-M33-3 will it work

  9. gal Says:

    Hi, I am new to this psp thingy. I bought a modded psp. Just wondering is it possible to download the AlQuran software version 1.3 to the pc and do a pc-psp transfer? Then where do I go from there?

  10. admin Says:

    it work on all psp flash-enabled. thanks

  11. hasibullah Says:

    thanx brothers/sisters for doing this great work i will try it and my allah bless you and give you a place in jannha ameen. great work

  12. Zayn Says:

    Salaam Alaikum,

    Which folder do i put the Al-Quran into on my PSP?

  13. admin Says:

    hasbibullah – thanks for the appreciation toward us. verily thanks :)

    zayn – waalaikumussalam warahmatullah. Put the whole ‘psp-alquran’ folder into the root directory of the PSP. thanks.

  14. M. Qasim Says:

    Wow! alhamdulilah. Great!

  15. zayn Says:

    salam again, then how do i start the program

  16. Zayn (FW) Says:

    salaam alaikum (on psp)
    i put my al quran unziped on my main folda (with music, pic, etc) then i go on the web and type in what u wrote file:/psp-alquran/qpsp1.swf but comes error content cannot be displayed. Can you help me fix this problem?

  17. admin Says:

    m.Qasim = thanks :)

    Zayn = have you enabled Adobe Flash Player? you need a wifi connection to activate it.

  18. Zayn Says:

    so i need to buy 1 4 my psp rite?

  19. zulfikar Says:

    I can learn you guys evreything.

    I am dutch so mine English is not good sorry for it.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of psp firmware u got.
    you need to put the psp al-quran file in your root of your psp (the first place of your mem stick. by the maps PSP and MUSIC….). then you go to web in your psp en typ : file:/psp-alquran/qpsp1.swf . then you got it


  20. admin Says:

    Zayn – you don’t need to buy anything. You can just go to any available wifi-hotspot and activate the flash player from there

    zulfikar – tahnks. hope if anyone asking in dutch you can explain for them. promote the al-quran psp in your local/country islamic forum and so on. verily thanks in advance for your support :)

  21. ERFAN Says:


  22. Soleh Says:


    Here how to put the file and to use it:
    1)(In PSP)Settings—System Settings—Enable Flash Player
    1) Copy the “psp-alquran” and paste to Memory Stick
    3)(In PSP)Internet Browser–Address–Type “file:/psp-alquran/qpsp.swf”
    4)(In PSP)Bookmarks–My Bookmarks–[Add to Bookmarks]

    Next time just go to bookmark, and you can open from there.


  23. admin Says:

    thanks soleh for the assistance :D

  24. Hamid Akbar Says:


    TO activate flash player on Custom Firmware without using wifi connection (i have 3.71-m33) but i believe it works on all custom firmwares.

    1- Start you PSP (if you are using it then shutdown you PSP by holding Power button for 3~5 seconds and then start your PSP)

    2-While your PSP is booting Press and hold “R” shoulder trigger button, it will take you to the recovery menu of your custom firmware.

    3-GO to “Registry Hacks” and there you can activate flash player and WMA support for WMA audio files.

    4-Exit from recovery menu. PSP will boot and congrats now you can use flash files in the browser and window media audio file for music.

    This will only work with custom Firmware.
    Don’t Play with the recovery menu or you may end up with a brick PSP.

    Thanks, Hope it will help.
    Allah Hafiz

  25. Zayn Says:

    thank you for your help :D

  26. nahid Says:


    i’m from indonesia, having trouble googling any site with quran 4 psp..
    after bout half a year, finally i found this site
    hope it will help me n everyone a lot :)

  27. admin Says:

    thanks nahid. spread the words to everyone possible ya. thanks :)

  28. Abu Umair Says:

    Assalamu’alaikum ya ikhwah wa akhawat.

    Akh ana ada pertanyaan. Ana mengikut procedurnya semua

    1)(In PSP)Settings—System Settings—Enable Flash Player
    1) Copy the “psp-alquran” and paste to Memory Stick
    3)(In PSP)Internet Browser–Address–Type “file:/psp-alquran/qpsp.swf”
    4)(In PSP)Bookmarks–My Bookmarks–[Add to Bookmarks]

    Namun dia kata ‘The content cannot be displayed.’

    Kenapa? Dan apa cara yang terbaik untuk menggunakannya? Ia adalah wadah yg terbaik untuk ana murojaah hafalan tapi sayangnya ada masalah install. Sekarang ana menggunakan firmware version 3.90 M33

    Jazaakallaahu khayr

    Akhukum fillah
    Abu Umair al-singhofoora

  29. Zayn Says:

    Salam is there any way to make the al-quran as a .txt format? it would make it easier to use. if theres anything u can help me with tht would be great.

  30. Zayn Says:

    Salam, i got the program working, theres only 1 thing i would like u to try and fix for me and everyone else. You know theres Arabic as a Language and English as another, could u translate the Arabic so its in english but the translation of the arabic. So if it says “alhamdulilah” in arabic u can make it say “alhamdulilah” like that instead of what it means iin english. So what i mean is the Arabic in English, Know what i mean? I’d really apreciate it if you could do that cause i read like that, its easier.
    Also you dont need a wi-fi connection to activate it. Thank You.

  31. Zayn Says:

    sorry thing stuffed

  32. Fahima Says:

    thank you i make dua for everyone thannk you for this beutiful think

  33. Daniel Says:

    Salam everyone,
    I would like to say this is a very useful tool for my psp since I have dedicated my psp for helping people to understand Islam with helpful video’s and so forth, I want to thank you all for this.
    If its ok I would like to make a suggestion about the software, It would be nice if you could add some sort of holding place for saving certain verses so you can access these verses with a click, and to add some audio also for arabic and english recitations(would help for people to learn some quran arabic on the go also) a good example would be
    “check out
    for a good example”
    and when I click on search for verse and enter a verse number it will take me to the page number instead of the verse I put in, but this is still the best thing that has happened for all psp’s and I thank you again Love and Salam. :)

  34. admin Says:

    waalaikumussalam warahmatullah.
    thanks for the suggestions. but due to technical limitation, we simply unable to do that. thanks again

  35. indra Says:

    assalamualaikum wr.wb
    hi islam….we are family

  36. a boy Says:

    i was wandering if u need the internet to use this application.thx

  37. admin Says:

    we have to use the Internet Browser in PSP to use this application. thanks :)

  38. hambali Says:

    Assalamu alikum..

    every one i need help to instal Psp-alquran in my psp.

    My psp seri is PSP2001.

    I already follow the direction to instal it. but its not working..

    please help..


  39. yUnie Says:

    Very Good Job…Keep a good work..
    I’m waiting for this for such a long time..
    finally i found it..Thank you..

  40. admin Says:

    hambali – waalaikumussalam warahmatullah.

    can you explain more? what are the error output?

    yunie – thank you for supporting us :)

  41. American Muslim Says:

    Good Work, ive been waiting for it for a looong time!

  42. harun Says:

    just as a suggestion (you guys have done enough already)why not put in a zoom function? I have to squint to see the letters, and am afraid that i am reading it wrong. Thanks for all your efforts and as-salaamu-alai-kum

  43. admin Says:

    thanks harun for the suggestions :)

  44. saaa Says:

    i enable flash and a go too internet write the site file:/psp-alquran/qpsp.swf but still dosent work.They say the content cannot be diplayed

  45. admin Says:

    are you sure you have follow the instructions in the readme.txt?

  46. Rayian Says:

    Ok mines not working, i went to the correct site and everything, i enabled flash, i put all the folders except the read me inside the psp (music,pics,videos) and it stil says “cannot be dispplayed”??????

  47. admin Says:

    have you enabled Flash Player in the internet settings?

  48. mikagami Says:

    assalamualaikum….emmm..ade tak perisian nie utk PDA phone macam Dopod, O2 n etc? yang berbasis kan windows mobile?

  49. admin Says:

    wslm wrt.. buat masa ni takde sbb kami takde device windows mobile

  50. mikagami Says:

    ok..terima kasih… keep it up bro!!! :)

  51. shootdatarget Says:


    jazakallah, … keep up the good work! ^_^

  52. admin Says:

    wslm. Thx V^_^V

  53. T-Man Says:

    I can’t get it it to start i put the stuff in the browser but it says ERORR and my flash is enabled. here this is what i did:
    1. I unzip it and put it in my PSP
    I put it into K:\MP_ROOT. is dis right ?
    if not can you tell me how to do it properly


  54. Ganesha Says:

    Hi… i’m looking for an old friend named heru kautsar from indonesia. Thanks…

  55. shamshul Says:

    salam. kalau guna psp yang dah hacked mcmana? dpt x guna

  56. noor Says:


  57. noorisham sanif Says:

    thanks a lot

  58. admin Says:

    T-man = root directory is not MP-ROOT. alternatively please use the easy installer

    ganesha – er unsure if you can find him here

    shamshul = dapat.. ini bukan run mcm game

  59. noah Says:

    salam..just nak tahu klau nak guna psp-alquran kne activatekan swf nyer melalui wifi @ registry hacked kan?sooo homebrew nie run bkan mcm game soo setiap kali nak diguna perlu online kah?

  60. admin Says:

    wslm.. ni bukan homebrew application. kena bukak akai internet browser

  61. Dona Calcagino Says:

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  62. hamba Allah Says:

    assalammuallaikum semua….

    terima kasih dan alhamdullah atas usaha kalian.
    mohon kalian check terjemahan (bahasa melayu) surah Al A’la ayat ke 19 tidak ada.atau psp saya yang ada masalah.mohan maaf

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  66. Querero Says:

    Salaam Alikum wa rahmatulah wa barakatuh.
    Thank you, it work fine, i hope to see an update for more options.
    May Allah bless everybody who make this.
    I will think about you all in my doua, everytime i remember.
    New muslim from holland.
    Salaam Alikum wa rahmatulah

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