Updates on Al-Quran PSP

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you dear readers/visitors.

Not much to talk on this post, but a very great news. In two weeks, Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable reaches 1117 downloads and still counting. Last week, we already reached 800 downloads on the very first week. Alhamdulillah. Thank God. Don’t forget that if you have PSP with AL-Quran inside, don’t forget to show it to your fellow friends or kids. Let them know about this application and in the same time promoting our project.

On the other hand, The Raise Magazine #4 will be released next week Insha-Allah. The reason we didn’t published it last month was because we’re taking exam and yet Al-Quran PSP also have to delay one week. So we can’t help much on that. Stay tuned with our magazine.

For Malaysia readers/visitors. Yesterday, Kosmo!, the newspaper targeted for young adults have introduced Al-Quran for PSP. It’s is different than the last three weeks because for this edition, there’s more detail about Al-Quran PSP and also The Raise Project. It’s divided into two chapter. The next chapter is on the next Thursday. So don’t miss it.

For the meantime we do admit that al-Quran PSP have some weakness in terms of the application such as out of memory. we will take sometime to settle it however in the meantime, keep in touch with us. Another thing is on July/August hopefully, we will come with something new Islamic Content for PSP specially for Malaysia residents. So seriously, please stay tuned.

Lastly, wishing you guys a happy cheerful blissful day everyday. Thanks :)

10 Responses to “Updates on Al-Quran PSP”

  1. Nazri :// Mysight » Graping.. is nice Says:

    [...] forget to get a copy of Kosmo!. Alhamdulillah, Thank God, by the time of this post was written, Al-Quran PSP successfully distributed 1117 copies/downloads in just two weeks. Thanks to the lovely volunteers/translators. shah, wahab, karim, imm, ika, liyana, farah, rassul, [...]

  2. frieda_san Says:

    very…..19x good!!!!!

  3. Abdullah Says:

    Assalamualaikum… x boleh buka. kena ada flash ke?

  4. admin Says:

    frieda_san : thanks for the support

    Abdullah : kena enable flash plugin. make sure firmware version 2.80 atau 2.71 yg dah ade flash plugin ya :)

  5. zallie Says:

    Assalamualaikum, tolong sikit,please. Dahg download tapi tak dapat baca,. Mungkin salah baca instructioin.
    pakai psp slim firmware 3.71M33. Dah ada flash ke? kalau tak ada mana nak cari. macam shockwave flash ke?
    Lepas tu, file nak copy kat mana?
    Dalam folder mp_root ke?
    harap dapat penjelasan.

  6. admin Says:

    wslm wrt. zallie boleh activatekan flash player kat mana mana wifi spot. lepas activate flash tu, ini lak cara utk on al-quran psp,

    1.activate usb
    2.akan nampak “folder teratas” dlm PSP, seperti [ PSP, MP_ROOT, DCIM, MUSIC ]
    3.unzip file psp-alquran.zip
    4.hasil dari unzip tu.. terus copy/drag and drop. paste kat “folder teratas”
    5.sepatutnya sekarang dah ada [ PSP, MP_ROOT, DCIM, psp-alquran ]
    6.pergi kat internet browser,icon kiri sekali utk enter URL. letak url ‘file:/psp-alquran/qpsp.swf’
    7.sampai ke step ini.. patut dah boleh run dah.

    kalau masih takleh run.. meh ym.. flavert_tekong

    harap masalah setel. wasalam

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