The Raise can be read on PC/MAC and other platforms :)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and peace and blessings upon you, dear visitors of the Raise: Islamic Content For PlayStation Portable.

The third release sure a great hit because we’ve receive positive reviews from the and also receive some suggestions too. This is also our fault for not making an announcement about this. The magazine is targeted for PSP Users but actually, the format is still the same with other platforms. Means, you still can read this magazine on your PC/MAC as an ordinary picture. As viewing picture, or moreover, play it as slideshow on your MAC/PC/Vista/Linux ( maybe, i dont have linux btw :P ). As for other device or platforms, as long as it can view picture, it will work. But it depends on the device itself. If PDA or smartphone, it might a bit tiny and you have to zoom and magnify to read it.

This is the reason why we said that it’s ‘PSP-Magazine’. It’s because the content of all the magazine really suits for PSP system, from the magazine itself, WiFi streaming downloads, to the Video Documentary Film by . For your information also, this website, yes the website that you’re reading right now, is also accessible using PSP Internet Browser. Effective isn’t? All the function and the wonders in the PSP being used to spread Islamic Information. For this 2 years or before we’ve receive any sponsors/ donation either money or device to port it to other platforms, we will target it for PSP users. Because PSP is the second best selling gadgets after IPod.

So to anyone who didnt hv PSP, rest assured, the content also viewable at most of Platforms/Operating Systems. Special Thanks to Zakir Quraishi for your email that show our critical flaw upon this project.

Lastly, wishing all visitors of this website a happy day with much peace and Blessings from God. Jazakumullah hu Khairan :)

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